View from the hill!

View from the hill!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Down The Ocean, Hon!

For many Baltimoreans Memorial Day weekend is unofficial start to summer and what better way to celebrate than with a trip to the Ocean. The Ocean we are talking about here is Ocean City, Hon!

We have been going to Ocean City, Maryland since we were born. Like many Baltimore families, both of our Grandparents had condos at the beach so this was our annual family vacation. As we got older our parents started taking us on vacations to the Outer Banks, Caribbean and Europe but once a summer we would still take a trip down to Ocean City. Although you can't quite compare Ocean City to some of the world's best beaches that we have travelled to (Saint Tropez, Trunk Bay on St. John, Shoal Bay East in Anguilla, Santorini and the list goes on) but there is something special about Coastal Highway and those 146 streets filled with high rise condos that holds a special place in our hearts!
Emmy and I at our table in the bay!

We have to give credit to Laura, Laura and Alissa for saving this table all day long!

The scene at Seacrets Sunday of Memorial Day!

There are many classic Ocean City activities to do while at the beach, we selected just a few to highlight on this blog. For our family a trip to the beach would not be complete without a visit to Dumser's Dairyland. This old-fashion style ice cream parlor has been serving it's loyal customers since 1939. The tin ceilings, high back booth's and ice cream counter service compliment the delicious ice cream!

Grandmom enjoying her rootbeer float!

If you are looking for a party look no further than 49th Street and the Bay. Seacret's is definitely a place to visit at least once. I think I have about had my fill of the party on the bay, but I am glad I experienced it! In order to get one of the floating rafts or water tables you better get to Seacret's early- by about 11am. The crowd will come in throughout the day and by mid afternoon the bikini contests and DJ's will be in full swing. Hundreds of partiers gather along the bay with drinks such as the "Pain in the Ass" (a mix of frozen margarita and strawberry daiquiri) in hand. Seacret's is the perfect place to watch the big orange sun slowly drift into the bay, but be mistaken, the party at Seacrets does not stop when the sun goes down. With dozens of separate party rooms, stages and dance floors you really will feel like you are in a whole different world.

A trip to the beach would not be complete without at least one visit to Fisher's popcorn. Long before you get to this boardwalk staple you will smell the sweet buttery aroma of their famous popcorn. I usually make a stop to Fishers on my way home- the carmel goodness of this popcorn makes leaving the beach a little bit easier to handle. Another driving home staple- Dolle's saltwater taffy! Some may prefer Candy Kitchen, but to me Dolle's makes the best taffy in Ocean City. Since 1910 Dolle's has been making its salt water taffy on premise. You can find Dolle's both on the boardwalk and on 120th street.
There are a few other OC classic's that we will get to on our next trip to Ocean City, June 18th!

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