View from the hill!

View from the hill!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Being Europe??

You may be wondering where we disappeared to and why the heck we never finished our 100 things list. Well, this little thing called summer seemed to sneak up on us. Before we knew it our European vacation had arrived and we were whisked away from our 100 things list to Portugal and England. But we are back in action!

As nice as it is to get out of town in the summer, there is also plenty to do in Baltimore during June, July and August. Outdoor movies pop up across town from Federal Hill to Little Italy, the harbor becomes clustered with boat parties, Ram's Head heats up with free outdoor concerts, the music of the Counting Crows and Beach Boys echo across the harbor from Pier 6 and crowds fill Baltimore's newest summer craze- the Tiki Barge. Michelle and I plan to take part in all Baltimore's favorite summer activities and from now until labor day and we promise to fill you in all along the way!

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