View from the hill!

View from the hill!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paved Road at Last!

I was pleasantly suprised to see a paved road shortly after entering Chile. It had been almost two weeks since driving on anything other than dirt and boy was it nice. After a crowded and complicated border crossing, I was on a bus to San Pedro, Chile.

San Pedro is a charming little town consisting of about 10 dirt roads lined with restaurants, bonfires and many tour agencies. The town is extremly toursity and the prices reflect this.

As I was headed to my hostel, which I had chosen from my guidebook, I had my first fall of the trip.I am actually quite impressed that it is taken me this long to injure myself. But as I wandered down the uneven dirt road packed with tourists I twisted my ankle and fell flat on my knees. With tons of witnesses, my huge backpack and bag over my shoulders I was embarrased and jumped back to my feet and stumbled into the first hostel I could see. Althoug this one was a bit more expensive, the nice owner took me to the bathroom right away to tend to my wonds. After that I felt obliged to stay there for the night. Hostel de La Ruca ended up being a lovely place to stay with a gorgeous courtyard filled with hammocks, a bonfire and communal kitchen.

There were no grocery stores in town and the food was extremly expensive. After a quick wander through town I decided there was no reason to stay there for more than one night. I originally wanted to do a sandboarding trip but with my knee and ankle injury decided it would be best to forget about sandboarding and just head to the beach to relax for a few days.

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