View from the hill!

View from the hill!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Here it is, our list of the 100 essential Bawlmer things to do in the next 100 days. We have divided the list up into 4 categories: food/drink, events, beach activities and other fabulous Baltimore "things to do."

Remember, additions and suggestions are welcome!


  1. Community Night at The Wine Market
  2. Tapas Theatro followed by a movie at the Charles
  3. Sopies Crepes (after movie)
  4. Lunch at Atmann’s (corned beef on rye)
  5. Sour Beef at Eichenkranz
  6. Sangria at Tio Pepe
  7. Cupcakes and Cocktails at Pazo
  8. Crab cake from XX (Faidley’s/G&M)
  9. Hubcap Margarita (Nacho Mama’s)
  10. Glass of Wine at Grand Cru w/ food from market (possibly during first feet on the street)
  11. Put Old Bay on something new/different
  12. Share a box of Berger cookies w/ someone who has never had one
  13. Picnic on “The Hill”
  14. Picnic while listening to concert on Pier 6
  15. Picnic at Tide Point Pier
  16. Picnic at Loch Raven Reservoir
  17. Big Beer/Oysters/Crab/Pretzel Dog at Cross Street Market
  18. Natty Boh on front stoop
  19. Pickles pre O’s game
  20. Ice Cream from Taharka Brothers
  21. Cupcake from Charm City Cupcakes (black eyed Susan cupcake!?!)
  22. Pretzel from Fells square
  23. Prime Rib from the Prime Rib
  24. Tour de Tapas (restaurants to be determined!)
  25. Rhebes candies
  26. Mary Sue Easter eggs
  27. Coddies at Lexington market
  28. Alcohol milkshake at Abbey Burger Bistro
  29. Boogs BBQ at the ball game
  30. Brunch at Little Havana
  31. Happy Hour at Bay Café
  32. Snowball from SnoAsis
  33. Chipparellis Salad
  34. Joe Squared, pizza and live music
  35. Andy Nelsons BBQ
  36. Italian dessert from Vaccarro’s (Monday night all you can eat!?)
  37. Pick steamed hard shell crabs (at Obryckis or Nick's Fish House)
  38. Utz potato chips
  39. Mozzarella Pie from Matthews Pizza
  40. Peach Cake from local bakery
  41. Special occasion dinner at Charleston
  42. Get fruit and veggies from a Arabber
  43. Maryland Strawberries
  44. Late night meal at the Sip N’ Bite
  45. Drink a fresh squeezed Orange Crush
  46. Burger from the Burger Wagon
  47. Burger Cookie Pie at Dangerously Delicious pies
  48. Gun Powder Bison (could be a burger from them at the Burger wagon)
  49. Mothers Heart Attack on a plate
  50. Polish sausage from Ostrowski’s


  1. Movie in Little Italy
  2. Movie on the Pier and/or Hill
  3. Attend a Maryland Spring steeplechase race
  4. Sherwood Gardens
  5. March for the Animals
  6. Feet on the Street (Towson, Belvedere Square, Hunt Valley)
  7. Federal Hill Block party
  8. Boordy Vineyard concert
  9. O’s opening day
  10. Privateer Day in Fells
  11. Hon Fest (June 11-13)
  12. Preakness festivities: crab race
  13. Preakness festivities: Parade
  14. Preakness festivities: Black Eyed Susan races
  15. Preakness festivities: Drinking a Black-eyed Susan at Preakness
  16. Preakness Festivities: Preakness Infield
  17. Ravens/O's Rally
  18. Lunch with the Elephants
  19. Flower Mart (have a lemon w/ peppermint stick!)
  20. Kinetic Sculpture Race


  1. Bike the NCR Trail
  2. Walk through Loch Raven
  3. Hike at Oregon Ridge
  4. Go out on the water in harbor (take your pick: sail, dragon boat, swan boat)
  5. Attend a polo match (Maryland Polo Club)
  6. Jog around the harbor
  7. Visit the Maryland Science Center
  8. Visit the Walter's Art Museum
  9. Browse the antique shops in Hampden
  10. Go to Ladew Gardens
  11. Run the Ft. McHenry loop
  12. Check out the Clipper City brewery tour
  13. Visit the American Visionary Art Museum
  14. Walk and look at painted screens
  15. Activity at Patterson park- go inside the pagoda
  16. Go to Landmark theater – bar pre-movie!
  17. Support local farmers at the farmers markets: JFX, Towson, etc.
  18. Shop for chocolate and shoes at Ma Petit Shoe
  19. Attend Free Outdoor concert at Rams Head
  20. Visit Poe's grave
  21. Go to the top of the Washington Monument
  22. Take the water taxi across the harbor


  1. Fireworks in the Park
  2. Fisher’s popcorn
  3. Thrashers fries
  4. Mini golf
  5. Take a ride on the Drunk Bus
  6. Bay Bridge game
  7. Salt water taffy and fudge
  8. Spend a day on the rafts at Seacrets


  1. Watch the Loyola vs. Hopkins lacrosse game at Loyola's new Ridley stadium on May 8th. Face off at noon.

  2. How could you leave out The Pigtown Festival?

  3. Love both of these suggestions! Going to look into the Pigtown Festival right now!