View from the hill!

View from the hill!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello Baltimore!

From this day forward April 1st 2010 will hold a very special place in our hearts; Day 1 of “Being Bawlmer: 100 Essential Baltimore Things To Do In The Next 100 Days.” For a long time the Michelle and I have thought about doing a blog that shows all the fun and unique things there are to do here in Baltimore. Well now that idea is finally going to become a reality.

A little background on the two of us…
Although 8 years apart, Michelle and I have always been very close. Although we each spent 4 years away at college (Michelle in VA and me in FL) we never even considered settling down anywhere other then Baltimore. Michelle works in the Baltimore County School Public School System and I work for a Public Relations Firm in Hampden.

A few months ago we began writing a few restaurant reviews for fun (you can check out our reviews at and in print every other week in Baltimore OUTLoud). Since then we have become a bit obsessed with checking out the latest in the Baltimore restaurant scene. As native Baltimoreans with our entire family living in Baltimore and the surrounding suburbs, we are very passionate about all things Baltimore.

Through a combination of reading Elizabeth Larges’ “100 things every foodie should do in Baltimore” and watching the movie Julie and Julia we became even more inspired to expand our horizons and do something a little outside of the box. And thus, “Being Bawlmer” was born. Our original idea was that we would do one essential Baltimore activity per day for 100 consecutive days. Unfortunately we began to worry that it would be a bit over whelming to find a good “Bawlmer” activity every single day for 100 days. So instead, we decided to make a list of the top 100 things to do in Baltimore and the surrounding area (this time of year!). We will do each one of these activities within the next 100 days and check off all 100 items in the allotted 100 day time frame. We will update this blog each time we cross something off the list.

The hardest part of this blog was trying to create the ultimate list of Baltimore activities. We had so many Baltimore Foodie type items on our list and had to really narrow these down to allow for other quintessential Baltimore events, such as Preakness and the Hon Fest. While we had to cut many different ideas from our original list, we think we have come up with a very well rounded list. Of course this list is not 100% set in stone and we are open to your suggestions. We will happily add/replace/swap items at YOUR suggestion, so please feel free to chime in! We should also mention that the two of us will be working together on this blog. We might not always do each item together but between the two of us, all 100 items on the list will get accomplished - that is our promise to you!


  1. Love the blog and the list. We're doing the beach things this weekend! :) Cheers!

  2. I love the list! (especially all the food!) Can't wait to join in while the list gets done!